Wednesday, August 8, 2012


There has been SO much going on lately that has lead me to become slightly overwhelmed.

- Coleman started KINDERGARTEN. Yes. Kindergarten. Makes me cry just thinking about it. He has done so good the past three days and is growing up so fast it's bittersweet. I am so excited to watch him grow as we start this school journey but that just means my baby is not a baby anymore. Sniff, sniff. But I am extremely proud of the little man he has become and will continue to grow into from now on. I just love him.

- Coleman has started FOOTBALL. Which has completely consumed our lives. We practice Mon, Tues, and Thurs nights from 6:15-7:30 (or 8 which is when we've been leaving). Games are on Saturdays and we could travel up to 40 miles to get to them. WHAT?!? He is 5 (almost 6 .... vomit!!!!) and I know it seems crazy and a bit too much but he LOVES it. He has been wanting to play for years so we couldn't pass it up! He has decided to take on PawPaw's football # and is now #71 on the Jackson County Giants. It's precious!!

Now on to why you are really here ......

- My dad is such a trooper let me just start off by saying that. He is doing quite well (although he is on no medications) and other than losing some weight he is doing well (I think). He has been scheduled twice now to start the radiation treatments and try have rescheduled him twice. We are set to start them next Thurs and them 5 more every second or third day I think. Apparently radiation in this particular area is a VERY delicate procedure and it is critical that they are exact with their measurements because the lymph node they are shooting for is right beside Jose stomach, kidney, and aorta. Which, to be honest, kind of freaks me out a bit. I just pray for wisdom of the doctors and for their healing hands to lay on my strong daddy! He got to come and watch Coleman play football this past Saturday and that was SO special. I know he is one proud Grandpa (whether he admits to it or not). Pray. Please.

Emotionally I am a little drained right now between getting situated in my new job, Coleman starting Kindergarten and football, trying to maintain a household and keep it functioning while trying to be at my parents as much as I can. It's hard. Really hard. But we will make it. I will make it.

Please pray for my daddy - strength for him not to give up and to continue fighting. Pray for the doctors who are doing his radiation - wisdom to make all the right decisions and for it to be done correctly. Pray for myself and my family for strength and peace during this tornado that is our lives right now.

God bless.

**I'll end with a few pictures from lately.**


  1. Love seeing the pictures of your dad and little Coleman. Stay strong. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.